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Who are we?

Out there while the significance of essential oil boosted the growing popularity and application of it in our home and daily life, most of us started to bother how to protect them, organize them so that we are able to better enjoy anything, essential oil would bring us.

SOLIGT was born in time. We are a small business company dedicated to develop versatile practical products related to essential oil ( from essential oil storage box, bottle opener to essential oil label) to care everyday of essential oil alike and enthusiasts, to make sure you can enjoy utilizing your essential oil without any fuss, thus to get a better simple essential oil life.

Our wish since the day we started the business, was to put higher priority on quality and pragmatism rather than on high margins. In SOLIGT, we take pride in being the front- runner for being practical and simple, and in seeing our product landing at the bottom of customer’s success ladder.

About us

-Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

It’s easy to open a business, but it is hard to keep it open.M

Why us?

We stand behind our goods, each of our item is heart crafted and of high quality at premium price to meet your high level needs. From the product development, design, manufacturing, quality control, package to delivery, in every step of the way, we never stop putting ourselves in the position of our customers, (which kind of product you would like to get and what we can do better to provide you greater service and product) in order to ensure our product will earn the faith of you and you finding shopping with us is exceedingly simple and pleasant and even loving to purchase from us next time and share our item, our brand to your friends, families and colleague.

Striving to make your shopping experience with us as eventful as possible, we are eager to extend any kind of help that you may need at any time. If you have any issue or suggestion, email us and you will feel our warm welcome service.